Work With Me

My company helps nonprofits tell their story better and raise more money. I’m surrounded by a great team of sharp minds.

I’m a media/PR fixer and the principal of Portnoy Media Group and we like to create seismic activity on the web. We do this through:

It’s essential when putting your marketing plan together to find your niche. The Portnoy Media Group (PMG) is a network of qualified professionals to educate your business on the “how’s” and “why’s” of social media. We work with you to ensure that what you’re doing online is compatible with your brand and overall business goals.

If your online strategy goals include development, we can help with that, too. We work with clients to find the essence of their story to engage and cultivate their current audience at the same time taking advantage of peer relationships for the absolute best in acquisition results.

You’ve been told it’s important to communicate with your audience online, so you set up Twitter and Facebook accounts and maybe started a blog. But where do you go from there? We manage and build your online presence by utilizing and staying up to speed on the best practices in the industry coupled with our lab-tested and refined methods.

Once you have established your digital brand, the next step is to create community. We love to ensure your organization’s enthusiasts are informed, engaged and most importantly, know there is someone listening.

Spend the day/half day with the Professor and team in an off site facility to jump start your next campaign. Through intense sessions of purpose, we’ll lay out a myriad of options and walk through how effective they could be. We’ll think through a full arc of engagement and effectiveness to make your next campaign fit all of your organization’s/company’s goals.

From website design to Twitter and Facebook posts; video creation, editing and distribution; blogging and beyond, content is the pinnacle of PMG.

Triage for your Digital Brand
Do you have a social media project or campaign that went horrifically awry? Help is a phone call or click away. Let us intervene to bring an end to your chaos and regain your organization’s integrity.

On my team I’m the fixer, I love the broken system. Before starting PMG I worked with teams that were underperforming and in short order have been able to identify the problem, have the reality talk and then watch the team flourish. I’d love to see how we could collaborate – contact me here.