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Carpool – A Short Film

I’m pleased to announce my first project on Kickstarter. It’s called Carpool, and it’s a short film I wrote last year. All the pieces have fallen into place, and we’re shooting this week.


Carpool – A Short Film

In Carpool, we join two women on their way to work, but as they reach their destination, their work has massive implications.

I wrote this script last year after a conversation with lead actors, Gail Hafar and Jessie Busbee. We wanted to show two women in their 30’s talking about normal work and life but also put them in a situation that I’ve never seen on film before.

The final film should be about 6 minutes in length.

I’ve been creating projects for the past decade and thought it would be incredible to try the Kickstarter platform for some financial helps in making this project a reality. No matter your level of financial help we’ll be updating with our production immediately and give you quick links to our live broadcasts through the entire process.

How your money will be used:

Most of the money for this project will be used to pay the crew and feed them during production. It’s a quick shoot with our prep work all done and just one day to film the project.


Gail Hafar

Recently relocated from Chicago, Gail Hafar is an actress residing in Los Angeles. She has been incredibly active in the independent and student film scene having shot both short and feature films in varying roles.


Jessie Busbee

Dan Braswell

Originally from Shreveport Louisiana, Dan Braswell has been working in Los Angeles in commercials and shorts.


Noel Dawn Rebello

Noel is a great actress and has been featured on VEEP, and we’ve worked together for The After School Special. Watch it here.


Production Team

Virginia Anzengruber

Virginia Anzengruber is a writer, filmmaker, and podcaster. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband, Stephen.



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